Friday, March 20, 2009

Magic of light!

Photography is all about how one uses light and shades. In this perspective it is somewhat similar to computer science which is all about zeros and ones! :) Ok, that was a PJ, I accept!

They were lying in a plastic box, submerged in water for over 5 months! I was almost about to throw them and thats why I had opened that box. Luckily they were still good! Then only I realised that they were so beautiful!

As I had some time that night, decided to experiment with them by using different sources of light.

Arragment of these to have a pleasing composition posed an initial challenge. The presence of an additional variable - 'colored balls' were real challenge to place in specific places to enhance the viewing pleasure.

For this, I chose my 50mm lens which I love the most. As it was 11 at night and my mom was busy with some work to call it a day, I dint want to call her to help me out in holding the LEDs in different positions. Decided to do all the things alone!

When I switched off the main light and as the LED light fell at an angle close to ground, the magic started! Honestly, I never expected this to be this much spectacular! Holding the LED in one hand, away from the arrangement and using the other hand to release the shutter was fun!

Then I decided to go one step further, using two light sources! But, my problem was both were of different intensities. Now if I had used them from equal distance then the brighter was over powering the effect created by the smaller one. Decided to place the smaller one on a support at a particular position and I held the brighter one far away. The viewfinder was amazed by the result and was telling me to release the shutter! :) Result is below!

The couple of hours spent experimenting with light was very productive. Got to learn some important things.

It re-assured my belief that an image is all about how you place the subject and how you handle the light falling on it!

Hope you enjoy some images here.



Anonymous said...

Or say I am left with no words......I have become a big fan of a photographer in U....Keep it UP....:-)

Pramod Viswanath said...

I fell in love with these images the moment you showed it to me. Let me know when you take prints of them :-), eagerly waiting to see them.

Anonymous said...

It tells that, you had a wonderful play with light & those marbels:-)
Very eye pleasing images ashwini.

-Sahana Balkal

molarbear's posts said...

Enjoyed the images, and your account of how you made them, very much. Unexpected things can make great photographs!

Karthik said...

Kudos bud.. its an amazing shot..

I started following you.. I was told about you and your blog by Ravi Bhat, my colleague in Logica


ಕೃಷಿಕನ ಕಣ್ಣು said...

An excellent experiment and
very nice results!
Hats off for your effortful attempts.
Nagendra muthmurdu