Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saffron,God and Ganga!

We were in Haridwar. The city where the sacred river is revered with utmost devotion. The city that holds the world famous aarti for the river Ganga, the river which is much more than just a river for the Hindus!  I was seeing her for the first time! I was excited and why not!

Though we didn't see much of the city, we had a glimpse of what is is like to live there.  I was attracted by the sheer life in it. You will see loads of Sadhus walking past on the roads. Some staying there from long time and some would be on their transit. We had a glimpse of few aghori sadhu's as well.

We went to the bank of Ganga in the early morning, but we missed the aarti in just a few minutes. The river had swelled, thanks to the heavy rains in the mountains. The water was brownish and the flow was full. The bank was occupied by men in saffron and normal devotees equally. Both were taking a dip in the cold water. I took the water in my hand and it was indeed very cold. We spent some time roaming on the banks.


There is something in that place which touched me. I saw some kind of a commonality in all the people who came there that morning irrespective of their ages and practice. But I could not clearly explain what that is. I felt it but couldn't express it. But I enjoyed it.

By the way, why we were at Haridwar?  We were on our way to Valley of Flowers!

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