Sunday, September 28, 2014


Abstracts are beautiful! Some may disagree!

Often the formations and patterns that are found in various elements of nature evoke different emotions in us. The extent to which they touch depends on ones array of emotions and their life experiences! Its hard to ignore such instances when something around us has struck a chord of our emotion and made us think beyond just what is there in front. Such patterns and formations take our thoughts away from the scene quite instantly and within no time we would be immersed in the thoughts caused by the chain of emotions that has been triggered by the scene in front!

Different elements exhibit different patterns. The patterns that we see on the bark of a tree are completely different from the patterns that we see on a granite rock surface! The patterns of waves on a beach is different from the patterns of waves formed on the surface of a river by the breeze! The patterns of lichens on a tree bark are different from the patterns of moss on a rock surface beside a stream. They all are different from each other! Yet sometimes we feel they all are connected! Sometimes we feel they all are hinting something! Evoking certain feelings inside us and incepting certain thoughts in our mind!

The world of abstract is amazing!

Hope some of you are able to connect with at least few of these!