Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Network - still unplugged!!

After settling down in the new place there began a new challenge for me - to get the landline and the broadband connections transferred to the new place! It is becoming a greater and greater challenge day by day. At last two days back finally we got the dial tone in the receiver!! But.... with the change of number!! (Oh Nooooo!!!) Now again have to fight with them to regain the same old number to which I had my precious broadband connection! I dont know when this fight is gonna end!! I am sure your wishes are with me!! ;-)

Mean while there are couple of updates from my side to share.
Soon after the launch of Chandrayan, we launched the second version of CNP (Creative Nature Photography). This has better look and feel than the earlier version. Thanks to Pramod and Shiv who took all the technical pain in designing this.
The office work held me down for almost continuous three weeks including the weekends and almost no photography at all !!! ( is true!!) Finally last Sunday broke this fast and headed to T G Halli with Adkoli and had some good time there.

For the software geeks I have a question here: I tried to use Nikon Capture NX to process my images from D300 and when ever I open a RAW image in NX it opens with beautiful vivid colors and looks great! But the Color Space is Nikon Adobe RGB which eventually have to be converted into sRGB to post on the web or even to print. Now, when I process the image (Levels/Curves etc) and at the end when I convert the color profile to sRGB I see a considerable shift in the colors! I am not able to understand why there is so much of a difference in the color space! When ultimately one has to convert to sRGB(either for web or to print) why on earth they show the image in the Nikon Adobe RGB format which looks so much beautiful, but eventually useless!!!! I am totally puzzled now!! If you have any solution for this - like how to preserve the same colors which appear in the Nikon Adobe RGB profile I would be very obliged to try that out with a bunch of heart filled thanks from my side!

Ok, that was for software geeks!.... Last weekend had some good session with D300 and have to learn a lot! I feel I am still using it as my D80, and not exploring the other possibilities of the body.... time to do some learning....

Deepavali - the festival of light - light is everywhere outside! In the day and now in the night as well. Yesterday evening tried some attempts to capture the festive mood in the sky. May be I will write about that in my next blog... and hopefully from home...after getting connected !!!

Till then... one more battle is left!

Wish me!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy in Nest Shifting!!

Life has become bit busy!

Acquired Nikon D300. But ever since life has become busy as we started shifting our home! Shifting home is a pain! and off late I have realised that there is a rule of thumb that you will lose one or the other things (mostly the important ones!!) in the process of packing and unpacking. Where does those things go?? - No idea! Law of conservation of Energy (perhaps 'things'?) seems to get deceived in this process as we cannot account for the disappearance of the things in the transit! I am yet to fig out whats my stake this time!

On a related note, while discussing with one of my colleagues I was mentioning that shifting home is like building a new software from scratch! (Perhaps you will have the framework - the boundaries of house!) All the old database (of where the things are at home) in your mind will become obsolete and you need to define new data structures and build a totally new database altogether, from scratch! Bugs in the design are a kind of prone in the initial stages as there will be trials and errors to finally make the things stabilize! :)

In the discussion I was mentioning that the Software Management Processes that the software Industries follow (like CMMI Level 5 etc) , something similar may help in this process as well. Like - Feasibility Study [Studying as to all the major things will occupy proper places or not].Documenting before you start packing the things and have a clear cut idea as to where exactly these things will be placed at the new place [Like what the Process tells - make the Design Document before you actually design! :)]. Then calling for a review (!!) from family members and reviewing/incorporating their comments! And then going ahead with implementation. This helps in finding the things while unpacking and saves time in thinking where to keep what! At the end it all depends on how much time you have to complete the shifting! ;) [ Time to Market - Lesser the time , more the deviation from the process!! :)]

So I am in the process of unpacking my things. I have to fig out what and all have disappeared! Till now everything seems to be Ok.
In the mean time made a small trip around to test D300. Some results are shared here.

Need to arrange the things.... Office is calling on weekends.... Winter misty mornings are calling outside....

...... and I am busy updating my database........