Sunday, August 24, 2014


One of the sad things (one of many? :-)) about city life is that we miss the enjoyment of watching sunset everyday. That is especially true in Bangalore since neither we have West facing beach nor we have many high rise apartments (compared to other metros in India).

Until I moved to my apartment last year, the only time I was enjoying sunset was while coming back from office of my previous company, when I was sitting in the bus and the driver used to take a route that is on the very outskirts of Bangalore and hence the vast expanse of empty land was giving way to the spectacular view of the sunset. But again, not everyday I had that pleasure, thanks to the work at office which often made me to stare at the monitor while the Sun was preparing to pack his things for the day with the vibrant sky and sometimes thin line of beautiful clouds. I was missing that badly.

But fortunately, at my home now I can witness the Sunset every evening from my balcony as long as I am there at home! Since I spend most of my weekend evenings at home I am thoroughly enjoying the Sunset these days.

Here I have made a compilation of some of the images that I made from my balcony over the last one year.