Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The color of the winter!

The title is actually an ironic one! Ironic because there will be no colors in winter here!! The above image I made just outside my apartment. Its the path which leads to the door of our apartment and believe me it is a color photograph not a B&W one!! I have not done any processing apart from little sharpening and adding the border! The day was very cloudy and it had snowed heavily the last day. So the mood outside was gloomy and everything was dull. 
  The thin layer of snow on the tree branches were looking very beautiful and I set out to capture that! To be frank, I was going to office and when I stepped out of the building I felt that it is a very nice opportunity to capture the gloomy mood of the winter. I just rushed back to my home and set up the equipment and just rushed out...I still remember the puzzled expression on the faces of my room mates! :) They just could not makeout what m I upto! :) 
 After spending some 15-20min came back with few images and kept my equipments in their respective place and stepped out to office...

- Ash  

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lost images Regained!

It feels great joy when you regain your lost treasures! If you have not felt that anytime in your life then ask me how it feels! :)
I have told you that I have lost many of the images of Parliament made in night with beautiful lightings, because of my foolishness! I set out on remaking those images one by one. I am half way now any successfully made half of them. I am confident that I will be getting back all of them.
'Luck favors the brave'... I believe in this statement. When I was making the images of the parliament in night I got another image as a bonus which I have not made last time. The above image is that one! I some how overlooked this opportunity last time and glad that I dint miss this time.

I am doubly glad that my friend Ganesh H S, whom I admire alot has won the Annual Editor's Pick award in for the year 2007. Another of my recent friend Brad Hill has also won the prize and thats why I told I am 'doubly glad'. :)
You can view those images HERE.

Great way to start a new year!