Sunday, October 28, 2007


I was always dreaming to make an image something like this....But never even thought in dreams also that I will be getting something close to that from my balcony itself!!
Yes, I made this image from the balcony of my home here in Ottawa. It was a fine evening with a slight drizzle and bright light as well!! One side it was completely cloudy where as on the other side it was fully sunny! Got this nice moment on that magical evening.

In the evening of life...

In this place I am observing the chenges in the mentality of the people of different ages. What caught my attention is the glimpses of loneliness on the faces of the people who are in the last leg of their life or who are in the evening of their life!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Social structure of humans...

"Friendship"...a name for an amazing bonding...

We humans have so complex social structure and complex structure of emotional attachments that if any mathematician (may be John Nash, who was trying to develop mathematical function for the random movement of the pigeons on the field infront of his home!! What a man! ) tries to develop an equation for describing this structure, the equation will be of the order of 'n' where n may tend to infinity!! :)

Thinking of writing a small piece of my thinkings on this sometime in the future.

To chew something until then here is a link which throws some light on this aspect.

Loneliness... a bliss?!!

I feel that loneliness is also a bliss sometimes... :) [Not a pessimistic statement though!]
It gives you ample time to think about yourself...and in my case (may be some of yours also) this thinking process makes a lot of difference. It shapes our personality in a suble way, many times without our knowledge!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The day is bright...The wind is light...

Remembering all you friends there...

Missing you all.

To make beautiful compositions I am finding it as a challenge here. The reason being the abstraction of the subject from the surrounding is very tough. When you look through the viewfinder you will feel that the image which is going to come is not doing justice to what your eyes are viewing at that point of time! So I need to work hard to make good images.
Learning days ahead!

Finally.... ten days after coming here I got some time to sit quitely and do something that I like very much....yes, posting the image! :)
I had promised many of you that I will create my photoblog to share my images. I was stuck with many problems all these days. My big worry was to find a converter plug for my camera battery charger as the Indian plugs are useless here. So I had to wait for the weekend to find it out and ahh! finally I got that. I processed three of my images which I made on the very next day I landed here.
Many of us went to Gatineau Park which is famous for its maple leaved forest which will be in its full colors in teh fall season. Gatineau is a very very vast place and what we covered is a very small part of it. But man! what a place!!! The colors that the mother Nature wears here is just a sheer treat for the eyes.
We went to Pink Lake which is a part of the Gatineau and to MacKenzie's King. So I am starting off from the images of the Pink Lake and its surroundings. I have many images to process.

Note for the critics: I hate this laptop which doesnot render true colors. So I absolutely dont know what has happened to the image after processing. Here on this laptop it looks ok. But I am not sure.