Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finally.... ten days after coming here I got some time to sit quitely and do something that I like very much....yes, posting the image! :)
I had promised many of you that I will create my photoblog to share my images. I was stuck with many problems all these days. My big worry was to find a converter plug for my camera battery charger as the Indian plugs are useless here. So I had to wait for the weekend to find it out and ahh! finally I got that. I processed three of my images which I made on the very next day I landed here.
Many of us went to Gatineau Park which is famous for its maple leaved forest which will be in its full colors in teh fall season. Gatineau is a very very vast place and what we covered is a very small part of it. But man! what a place!!! The colors that the mother Nature wears here is just a sheer treat for the eyes.
We went to Pink Lake which is a part of the Gatineau and to MacKenzie's King. So I am starting off from the images of the Pink Lake and its surroundings. I have many images to process.

Note for the critics: I hate this laptop which doesnot render true colors. So I absolutely dont know what has happened to the image after processing. Here on this laptop it looks ok. But I am not sure.

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