Sunday, December 9, 2012

What went behind!

Just thought of putting together some of my images and the images shot by me! :)

This is the collection of a small set of images where my friend Shivakumar L has shot some photographs of me making images on the field. This was done over a time span of about one and a half years at various locations where we shot together.

The below image was made on the way to Magod Falls last year. There was a green vine snake lying dead on the road and I was shooting from ground level to get some vehicles in the frame.

And this was the resultant image which I had shared in my blog Life in Abundance!

In the same trip when we had been to Chandguli Temple and I was making images of thousands of bells around the temple and Shiva made a picture keeping me as one of the subjects! :)

And below is one of the results from my camera.

When we both were on a trip to Yana the same year,  we had stopped at an interesting stream to shoot. As the water level was moderate we decided to get down into the water and make some images. To get the water level perspective I had to take my camera as close to the water surface as possible. Since it was not quite possible for myself to go to that height, I decided to try this technique.

Here is how the resultant image looked. In my terms though the image is not that excellent but the technique used will be useful in the future to get some unusual perspectives.

It was during the summer of 2011when Shiva and self were on assignment to shoot for the book on Daroji, about which I have talked here recently. We were shooting in the villages surrounding the sanctuary to show their day-to-day life. It was during one such moment when I was showing the images shot to the people around that Shiva made this image.

The image that I was showing to them was:

In all the above moments I had enjoyed making images and I had come back here and shared those images with all of you. Hope you had also enjoyed as much as I did.

..... and I hope the same would be true for this post too! :)