Sunday, January 23, 2011

Padhaaro Mhare Des!

Rajasthan - The Royal Land....Truly!

Inside Jaipur Palace

The state has varied colors. Feels like people here just love colors like crazy! 

Visited Jaipur in last October.

I was there for just one day. It was more like a tourist than a photographer.

Truly a Pink City. Not only for its emblematic Hawa Mahal, but for its Old Jaipur parts. 

There are loads of info you can always find on Internet for this amazingly famous place. So I will not bore you with my textual descriptions. All I have to say is that... I just fell in love with this place. 

Hope you enjoy the images...... and this time its only images!

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Inside Amber Fort

A tourist inside the Amber Fort

Inside Jaipur Palace
Inside Hawa Mahal

My dad looking through the window inside Amber Fort

A window inside Amber Fort
Raja's private place, Amber Fort

Various designs on the doors inside Jaipur Palace

Amber Fort

You might have seen hundreds of this kind of image. This is 101th. :)
Hawa Mahal

Amber Fort

At Choki Dani - A must visit place

View on the left of Hawa Mahal

I was moved! But she didn't!

Sometimes it looks like a brick wall 
sometimes as a window!!

One of the several windows inside the Amber Fort. Not many would realize this illusion! People were walking very casually without even noticing it.
I could not resist to capture this.