Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally Oxygenated!

As of my last post I was struggling to get the internet transferred to my new home and within few days of that post I finally got the net back! Feeling good! Finally I am oxygenated! :-)

The winter mornings here are becoming better and better. I always had wish of photographing T.G.Halli in misty weather and making images of dew covered butterfly. At last I am able to fulfill that wish in past couple of weeks.

On first Saturday of November when I had been to T G Halli it was very very misty. The place was looking surreal! The experience there was awesome and I got challenged by the attempt to make landscapes! Even though I have done some landscape images in the past but most of them were of the sunset time which I was pretty comfortable with. But this kind of mood capturing was a new challenge to me. I was experiencing a surreal joy in that place but all my attempts to capture that mood in the camera were going in vein! I was not happy with the results! Making landscapes in such situations is not that easy! A good learning from the failure! This is the reason I love to fail.... I learn the things.....

Last weekend was another wish coming true! - Dew covered butterfly! I always amazed by looking at Ganesh 's images of dew covered butterfly as to how beautiful they are and how wonderfully he has captured them in the image!

After our plan to Nandi Hills crashed because of last minute change, myself and Naga headed to T.G.halli last Saturday in search of dew and the beauties! We were there at 5:30 and the ambiance was fabulous! We had almost 40-50 min before the first rays of light actually hit the ground! Everywhere it was misty and it was looking heavenly!

Finally made few images which I always dreamt of! Satisfied and Happy!

Planned to visit Bharathpur and Ranathambore on the last week of this month.
Hoping for some good time in Bharathpur!

It feels good to be back.....on Net!

- Ash