Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eager to see the glow again!

The phenomena of Bioluminescence is relatively common in insects where it is exhibited by glow worms and fireflies. But the same Bioluminescence is exhibited by another form of living beings on the land - Fungi! Bioluminescent fungi are present in Indian jungles. But to see them is a challenge. 

It requires coming out of our comfort zone where we are used to have bright light in night and venture into the dark forest with minimal light and look for the glow by switching off the light source completely. 

Notice the twig in the center in the above image. That contains glowing fungi on its surface which glows at night. Below image of the same twig made at night would give you an idea.

The way these Bioluminescent fungi lit up the forest floor is really amazing! 
These twigs and stems look perfectly normal in the day light and by looking at them during the day one cannot make out which ones glow at night and which ones are not. So the only way to figure that out is to actually go out at night :).

The forest of the region where I went last year was teeming with various life forms. The color of the jungle was vibrant and so are the creatures!  

CLICK HERE for a detailed experience along with a video log of our experience last year.

And, we are planning for this year too! 

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