Monday, February 14, 2011

Ah! Taj!

What else can be given as a testimony for true love other than the Taj!

This is one monument in India which doesn't require any introduction across the world.

People pour in from around the world just to have a glimpse of this architectural wonder! 

Not only for the architecture marvel but mainly for the emotion behind it. 

People have smiled with deep content after seeing this...

People have screamed with utter joy after seeing this...

People have literally wept for hours after seeing this...

This is Taj...

One has to see it to believe it... It is truly magical... 

I was lucky to get a nice colorful sunset and a vibrant sunrise on a winter day when I was there in Agra.

Internet carries tonnes and tonnes of images of Taj. I was moved very much by McCurrys images from this place. 

My only intention was to be back with at least few different images of this Mecca of love.


I hope I have succeeded at least a little.