Monday, February 14, 2011

Ah! Taj!

What else can be given as a testimony for true love other than the Taj!

This is one monument in India which doesn't require any introduction across the world.

People pour in from around the world just to have a glimpse of this architectural wonder! 

Not only for the architecture marvel but mainly for the emotion behind it. 

People have smiled with deep content after seeing this...

People have screamed with utter joy after seeing this...

People have literally wept for hours after seeing this...

This is Taj...

One has to see it to believe it... It is truly magical... 

I was lucky to get a nice colorful sunset and a vibrant sunrise on a winter day when I was there in Agra.

Internet carries tonnes and tonnes of images of Taj. I was moved very much by McCurrys images from this place. 

My only intention was to be back with at least few different images of this Mecca of love.


I hope I have succeeded at least a little.



Aravinda said...

Very nice photographs. thanks for sharing.

In the first photo both leaves and Taj are clear. How to take photographs of those kind?

When I try to capture a tree and the moon, either moon or tree will get blur.

Ashwini Kumar Bhat said...

Thanks Aravinda. Glad that you liked the images.

To answer your question -
What you are talking about is related to what is called as 'Depth of Field'(DoF) in photography which is broadly, in layman terms, defined as the amount of area which is in focus(acceptable sharpness) in a photograph. More the DoF means more number of planes in focus. The DoF in the case of portrait of a bird with blurred background will be very less (and hence the blur). For a given Aperture value DoF is more in lesser focal lengths (like wide angle lenses) and it reduces as the focal length increases.

With this technical thing in mind you can probably understand my next sentence - the image was shot with an ultra wide angle lens at 12 mm. At that focal length it is relatively easy to get most of the part of your image in focus. With this focal length if you shot the tree and the moon image, which you are talking about, you would get both of them in focus. Of course there are principles of 'distances between the two subjects' and Hyperfocal distance but those may be an overkill for you at this stage. If you completely understood my above, rather very lengthy explanation then you can google around for those things and read or ping me back.

Uff! Realized that this is the longest reply I have ever written to any of the comments in my blog! If you have come till here, then a BIG THANKS! :)

S Shivananda Gavalkar said...

Good photos.
I think it is fading day by day.... may be due to pollution.

Aravinda said...

Your comment is very helpful, will definitely try these things practically.

Thanks for your time.

Meera's World said...

I haven’t seen such a person( in the profile I read) here in Kerala, so I assume u had not been here in this side of the world much:). I like taking pictures too, in my blog I haven’t posted a single picture that wasn’t taken by me or my husband or my son, and haven’t made any changes in the pics too, like editing etc. I believe the pic doesn’t belong to me if I make changes.
I just love the pictures in your blog.

ಡಾ. ಚಂದ್ರಿಕಾ ಹೆಗಡೆ said...