Monday, November 29, 2010

From Pilani to Taj

To submit my dissertation which I did in order to fulfill my MS degree, I had to travel to BITS, Pilani.  Instead of making it a pure examination trip, I decided to spice it up by clubbing a small visit to Jaipur and Agra along with my parents. Even though each of these places are worth staying for months to photograph, my stay there for a mere one day or two was in no way making any justice for the beauty of these places.

A clay art on the wall, Jaipur

After some grueling viva session at BITS, I went on my way to Jaipur which took me four and a half hours to reach using a local bus. It was quite an experience.

Students on their way to school in a local auto rickshaw, Pilani 

In the time of just four days I had touched four states - Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttara Pradesh and Delhi! (Whoa!!)

Colorful crafts for sale, Jaipur

Two nights and a day at Jaipur, then couple of days in Agra and then back to Delhi to board the flight towards my homeland in South - this was the plan. Since I was with my parents I dint have much luxury to explicitly buy some time to photograph. I had to be quick in seeing the opportunity and transforming them into meaningful images.

My mother listening anxiously to a palm reader and my father helping her translate Hindi

I didn't do travel photography till then. So it was quite a challenge for me. I was not used to take the camera out in public. I hate public attention. But in order to make travel photography this aspect was a must. Initially I was a bit reluctant but within couple of  hours I went normal and my eyes started seeing frames.

This is the very first of the series which I will be presenting from my trip to these places.

The one and only!

 It was a completely different journey for me. A road where I had not been before and a place that was completely alien to me as a photographer.

A self portrait - inside Jaipur Palace 

Here I was, a Nature Photographer who was trying to find frames in the jungles of the historical architectures amidst the rich colors of cultural diversity.

Hope you enjoy this journey with me.

More coming soon...