Monday, April 7, 2014

As the Spring makes way to the Summer...

Days are getting hotter and the scorching heat of the Sun is making the afternoon walks a tough call.

After a lovely and bloomy spring its time now to face the heat!

Leaves of Kusum Tree

But I thoroughly enjoyed the blooming season this time. I enjoyed my everyday drive through the avenues of Jayanagar while I was on the way to my office. I have witnessed blooming of Pink Poui (Tabebuia rosea) around Jayanagar Shopping Complex and the transition of a complete avenue containing African Tulip Trees from complete brown to wonderful soft green and then to dense dark green. Now it is the time of Jacaranda! As I am writing this blog there is still a blooming Jacaranda tree right in front of Maiyas Restaurant in Jayanagar. 

Last month we had been to Dharma Reservoir when we visited Yellapur. We took a shorter road which goes via few villages and through jungle. To our pleasure, we saw an entire tree with red bloom. It was a Kusum tree (Schleichera oleosa). Seeing the shiny red new leaves was a treat to our eyes.

 Kusum Tree

Flowers of Coral Tree

The forest was teeming with flowing trees and as the production was high so were the consumers! Tall and dry trees were having huge number of bee hives! In the time when the global population of wild bees is reducing at an alarming rate seeing such colonies of bees was a real treat! 

I am seeing bee hives not just in the rural jungles but in the urban concrete jungles as well! At my office on Brunton Road, every year when the Rain Tree (Albizia saman), which is in front of our office blooms we are having Bee hives to the structural blocks of the building. This is the third year now! 
After enjoying the bloom all across the city and outside, now it is time to face the Sun! Dry deciduous forest region in Dandeli gave us the glimpse already few weeks back!

Now when I visit Sirsi in the end of April, I know what can expect!