Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some interesting perspectives!

This weekend the weather here is very very bad. The warning of snow storm has been issued yesterday and here it is today, we are hit with the worst weather with gusty wind blowing with 40kmph and the temp feeling like -26 deg. Many of the flights (almost 85%) got canceled and one of my friends, Naveena was one of the many unlucky people whose travel got canceled for the day. I am back from airport just 30 min back and! what a horrible weather outside. The visibility is less than 10 mtrs many times. It was an awesome and horrible experience for all of us going and coming back from airport.

Because of this unfriendly weather I was a bit sad that I couldn't go out to shoot. As I have lost many of the RAW files [including that of Parliament's] because of my foolishness or carelessness whatever you say, I was very much eager to make all those images once again. So had some plans to go out to make some images. But fate has kept somethings else for me in the box. I ended up in sitting/sleeping for the whole morning on Saturday and whole day on Sunday!
But Saturday morning as I got a unique opportunity to make some images of some interesting perspectives. Here they are... I will leave to you friends to fig out what it is that I have captured.

Note: Nothing in the image is artificial or man made. All the images are very less cropped. I cropped them a bit only for compositions.

Now the ground is left to you to fig out what are these...

Hope you will enjoy...

- Ash

Monday, December 10, 2007

Delight of the night!!

Last Friday I decided to shoot the Canadian Parliament in night when she has the full glory with lights on her. Starting from Dec 6th till Jan end this lighting will be their on her. This is one of the tourist attractions in winter. She was looking really pretty with the colors and different shapes of light.
Tried my level best to not to get shake. It was a nice test for the 3 of us!! 1. Myself - not to induce much shake (some shake is obvious,i m a human :)) 2. my monopod - which I found very sturdy while buying in store :) 3.the ISO of my camera - on which I dont have much hope (sorry Nikon - a hard truth about D80, noise is apparent after ISO 800). But at the end I got some decent images even with ISO 1000 with very minimal shake.
I wish I had my Gitzo with me...

Hope you will like this....

- Ash

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A passion called "Photography"!

Oh boy! I can't stay away from it! Whatever may the temp be!

Yep, thats what exactly happened last weekend with me. We all decided to go to shoot the places around Parliament at the time when no people are around. And GOD! what a day we chose!! Two days back weather forecast highlighted that it will go to as low as - 15 and avg will be somewhere around -10. As I had photographed at around -14 last time I was not afraid of that :). But the fate had something else to play with us. That day morning it went to - 23 deg. But with beautiful Sunshine. The light was gorgeous and sitting in the bus I was tempted to rush out. As soon as the bus halted, when I stepped outside, the reality hit upon me! And that day became my shortest photography stretch till now. I could not stand for 20 continuous minutes. After spending some 15 min the toes and the nails started paining... we rushed into a nearest mall to have something like hot coffee. (Basically to get rid of the cold!! :))
Then again ventured into the cold with equipment. After three such attempts got few decent images. Thank GOD that even though I dont have a VR lens with me, the monopod didnot let any image to into vein because of the shake... (I was shivering yaar!)

Hope you will enjoy some of these abstracts and architectural images...

Tough time ahead for me here... :)