Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A passion called "Photography"!

Oh boy! I can't stay away from it! Whatever may the temp be!

Yep, thats what exactly happened last weekend with me. We all decided to go to shoot the places around Parliament at the time when no people are around. And GOD! what a day we chose!! Two days back weather forecast highlighted that it will go to as low as - 15 and avg will be somewhere around -10. As I had photographed at around -14 last time I was not afraid of that :). But the fate had something else to play with us. That day morning it went to - 23 deg. But with beautiful Sunshine. The light was gorgeous and sitting in the bus I was tempted to rush out. As soon as the bus halted, when I stepped outside, the reality hit upon me! And that day became my shortest photography stretch till now. I could not stand for 20 continuous minutes. After spending some 15 min the toes and the nails started paining... we rushed into a nearest mall to have something like hot coffee. (Basically to get rid of the cold!! :))
Then again ventured into the cold with equipment. After three such attempts got few decent images. Thank GOD that even though I dont have a VR lens with me, the monopod didnot let any image to into vein because of the shake... (I was shivering yaar!)

Hope you will enjoy some of these abstracts and architectural images...

Tough time ahead for me here... :)



Pramod Viswanath said...

Paliament is a stunning image. Perfect colors!

BTW, how can I forget that you are "Continents apart"!

Gautham said...

Lovely images.. I admire your passion to go out at ghostly temperatures!! Keep them coming.