Monday, December 10, 2007

Delight of the night!!

Last Friday I decided to shoot the Canadian Parliament in night when she has the full glory with lights on her. Starting from Dec 6th till Jan end this lighting will be their on her. This is one of the tourist attractions in winter. She was looking really pretty with the colors and different shapes of light.
Tried my level best to not to get shake. It was a nice test for the 3 of us!! 1. Myself - not to induce much shake (some shake is obvious,i m a human :)) 2. my monopod - which I found very sturdy while buying in store :) 3.the ISO of my camera - on which I dont have much hope (sorry Nikon - a hard truth about D80, noise is apparent after ISO 800). But at the end I got some decent images even with ISO 1000 with very minimal shake.
I wish I had my Gitzo with me...

Hope you will like this....

- Ash

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Pramod Viswanath said...

Very beautifully visualized and frozen under freezing conditions. Great work here. Keep them coming!