Monday, May 26, 2008

Long time no see...!!!

Feels like it has been a very long time since I last blogged[May be it is!! :)]! The journey from Ottawa to Bangalore was boring and tiresome except when the flight was flying over the cities of Dubai in night and the whole city was lit with wonderful lighting. The sight was amazing! I glued to the window for nearly half an hour and enjoyed the top view of the man made lightings below on the ground. Apart from this and the feeling that I am going home, everything else was boring!

Went to my native for couple of weeks as soon as I landed here. I had planned it to be a photography trip but in fact it turned out to be not even close to that! Most of the time I spent in attending the marriages and other functions! Made only few decent images.

Out of the 2 weeks the time I enjoyed was when we went to Honnemardu, the backwater area of Linganamakki Dam built against the river Sharavathi.The view of the backwater area was amazing, but at the same time I felt very bad when I imagined the amount of thick forest that got destroyed while building this dam. We went to the top of the highest peak. The sightings of peafowls, ruby throated bulbuls, yellow browed bulbuls, malabar grey hornbils, racket tailed drongos, black drongos, blue tailed parakeets and the gliding of an eagle that we witnessed from the hill top all added nicely to the experience.

Then a small walk along the backwater area was also proved lucky as I got some good opportunity to make some compositions with my new wide angle :).

As the sun was getting angry in the noon we decided to head back to home. After having a nice lunch we decided to head to a falls, locally called as "Dabbe Falls" which is on Kargal - Bhatkal road. The road was very challenging and my poor Alto did really well :). To view the falls we had to descend for almost half an hour and it was 5.00PM already! After coming so far it would have been of no meaning if we dint go to view the falls. The real surprise came to us when we saw the path which heads downwards. It was almost 70 deg descend!! and I was stupid enough to carry my tripod along with me!! While descending, at one point of time I was about to leave my tripod somewhere around so thinking that I could bring that while coming back! But somehow managed to take that till the view point. The falls was beautiful but as the time was a bit late we decided to start our journey back where we had an arduous task of climbing back to reach the car! Surprisingly we came up within 15 min and we ourselves were totally surprised!! All in all that day was the day which I enjoyed the most.

Now I am back at my office in Bangalore and alive and kicking!!

Feels nice to be back here.