Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dear departed!

It was my first love and I still remember the excitement with which I came back home after buying this.

I just loved it a lot and it will be very unfair to just say that it gave me a great company! It truly ruled my heart and had every reason to be happy.

I just loved its color engine and for a starter it was offering real good features. I still remember the days in monsoon when I made a trip to Western Ghats this guy was totally wet in rains but never complained a single day!

I had tested it in as cold as -30deg to +35deg and it was bang on target in every situation. I was impressed. This only made my love deep.

This truly fantastic friend of mine has finally departed last week!

What he left behind are some of the wonderful memories of my early learning days!

Long Live my friend!

I finally sold my D80 last week. It was a hard decision for me. But except for long tours it was keeping idle in my bag. Hence decided to put it for use in some other hands! My D300 must be feeling lonely now!

1 comment:

mahesh said...

Nice sendoff function!

D80 may be feeling bad only because it never gave a similar WELCOME party to D300 on its arrival:)