Monday, February 10, 2014

"N E R A L U" - The tree fest

Last Saturday I was at Cubbon Park, attending the first of its kind festival - Festival of trees of Bengaluru - NERALU.

The event was entirely crowd-funded and various enthusiasts from all over the city had contributed for the success of the event.

More about this initiative can be found at:

There were talks by eminent people about various aspects of trees of the city and the ecosystem around it. There were also activities for kids, 'Hug-a-Tree' campaign, an exhibition of photographs of trees by various photographers, various cultural events and many more.

Here is a small collection of images that I made during the time I was there on the first day.

There were many such beautiful hanging posters that were hand made with utmost artistry.   

The informative display boards were truly eye-catching!

 There was one or the other activity for everyone irrespective of the age!



A scene from the short play - Of Lata And Ashoka

Amphitheater where the short play was performed

 Hats-off to the people behind making this thought come true! 


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