Sunday, February 2, 2014

A brief account of an eventful month!

January has been very hectic. Not a single weekend was free and the whole month was quite an eventful one.

Bay Backed Shrike in the thorny scrub forest around Tirunalveli

The first weekend was much awaited 'Chitra Santhe 2014', that was preponed this year by couple of weeks! The exhibition went very well this time, where our stall was visited by quite a large crowd.

A fancy Fantail Flycatcher spotted during Bangalore Bird Race

Then Sahana and me had been to Kaiga, to participate in the 'Kaiga Bird Marathon - 2014'. We had a nice time birding around the place, where I got to see four lifers!

 Bay Backed Shrike in its flying aerobatics! 

Third Sunday was Bangalore Bird Race! A full day of nice birding and followed by a get together of loads of birders from the city in the evening.

A Pied Crested Cuckoo, also called as harbinger of rain, spotted in the outskirts of Tirunalveli.

And the most exhilarating experience was the last weekend of Jan!! We trekked to Kumara Parvatha! Arguably the toughest trek of South India that pushes ones endurance to the limit!

The whole month was quite eventful!

Started processing pending images. Shared images here are from my visit to Tirunalveli and during Bangalore Bird Race.



Pramod Viswanath said...

Loved the last image. Would love to see a print of it!

Raghavendra Hegde said...

Very nice..:)

Santosh bs said...

Wonderful... KP is sure a tough nut to crack :)

yaav kade indha madidri... somwarpete/kukke? will wait for the landscapes ;)

Ashwini Kumar Bhat said...

Thanks guys!

@Santosh - We went from Somvarpet side and descended to Kukke.