Friday, October 21, 2011

Silent bells

It is a small village near Yellapur, a small town where I spent all my childhood. There is a temple of Ganapathi, which is popular among the people around Yellapur and Sirsi. The place is Chandguli. A serene and calm place amidst forest and it is one of the places which is closer to my heart. I had felt an unexplainable feeling when I had been there for the first time!

It was a feeling that I was there before. A feeling that I belong to that place! Never ever it happened to me till today in any other place! No, it was not a deja-vu (which I often experience on many occasions!). I had felt a connection. My faint memory says that I was in my 11th or 12th standard then.

The temple has several thousands of bells which devotees offer to the Lord when their wishes come true! A ritual which we see in several temples across India, in various other forms of offerings. The complete temple is completely surrounded and stuffed with bells. If they all make sound together then I bet many people from nearby villages also would go deaf! Yet they are all hanging there silently, without making any sound.

They just remind me of Buddhist monks or a Hindu saints who practice silence. These saints, though belong to the same kind - humans, who are making loud noise all over the world, they have realized that the inner peace is attained only in silence. These silent bells resemble those elegant people so much.

They are all celebrating silence at that place.

Please note that photography is prohibited at the place and I have made these images with prior permission from the staff there.

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Results of BBC Wildlife Photographer Of the Year are out. My dear friend Adithya Biloor has won the runner up award in the Nature in Black and White category for his wonderful image of an ant on the leaf. You can visit his site - Lens and Tales to view many of his wonderful images.

Another good friend of mine - Nilanjan, who had won the same title last year has another of his wonderful image winning a Highly Commended in the Behaviour-Birds category.

Feels great to see some Indian names in the winners list.

Heartily congratulations to Adithya and Nilanjan!



Chetana Hegde said...

Hi Ash!

Lovely write-up! And the images too! IT is as usual :) I won't say it here on. :P

I liked the 2nd one out of 6 a lot. The rain drops on the bell looks so fresh! The background of reddish shade of the wall of the hut (looks like a thatched roof one??), the circular thing/moon like formation next to the roof, (is it water btw?) complements the green-ish tinge next to it and bell ahead in the focus, so well. So perfect combination. Excellent Ash!
I wish I could smell the water drops on the Cu/brass metal of the bell (I am bad in identifying the metals :(, pardon me), amazing smell. You must be knowing how it smells like? I would call its a strong sour-ish.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...


Forgot to include in my previous comment, I liked .....''These remind me of Buddhist monks or''.... It is a lovely write-up.

What is the 5th image? I see a 3 layer of bells and then the roof-tiles, and then down again bells not so well focused?
And after the 2nd layer of bell, I see their shadows?
How is it that way? I didn't understand it? I am unable to comprehend the whole pic.

Chetana Hegde said...


Forgot to include in my previous comment... I liked ...''These remind me of Buddhist monks''....
It is a lovely write-up...

I couldn't comprehend this 5th image? It is like a puzzle board?
I see a 3 layer of bells, (all sitting together on a long lengthy rod like crows sitting on a electricity wire), then the roof-tiles, down again another not-so-well focussed layer of bells? How is this possible? But the lowest layer of bells? How are they hung?
... And I see that after the 2nd row of bells, their shadow kind has formed. How is it?

Could you kindly explain this illusion??