Monday, August 15, 2011

Seeing beyond obvious

Sometimes on the field I get glued to one particular subject or scenery for quite a log time and it takes several hours for me to come out of it.

One such thing happened recently to me when I found a pair of small flowers with an interesting arrangement. I got so much impressed with their relative posture that I spent a good couple of hours shooting only them.

For me their stance resembled that of a man and a woman with the man leaning forward towards the woman.The gentleness on the flowers and their opened structures were giving a pleasing mood to the entire scenery.

It was like a handsome gentleman proposing to a beautiful and graceful lady. Resemblance of the bud is left to the imagination of the viewer though! ;)

Blame it to my state of mind but I got too much carried away by the show that without my notice I had spent a good two hours exploring all the possibilities to capture the scene with different combinations of focal length and light.

It was fun. Initially I decided to shoot with the ambient light and once I was quite satisfied then I decided to throw in some directional light using a off-the-hot-shoe flash.

The flash light added a different dimension to some of the images. In some of the images they looked like celebrities!! I started loving the feel of the result and that kept me going. By that time I was kind of addicted to the scene and was not in any mood to explore anything else around.

I had used predominantly two focal lengths - 50mm and 28mm with a combination of various aperture values ranging from f/1.8 on both till f/7.1 combined with various light intensities and directions. Each combination had its own uniqueness. Though some of them suit my taste bud and some didn't, the process of making these images gave me a very good learning.

What you are seeing here are some of those which are close to my heart.

Hope you enjoy the set. Sometimes images like these exist in our very own vicinity.

We just have to keep our eyes open to see them



Kiran Baddi said...

Nice Pictures Ashwin, Well done...

Kiran Baddi said...

Nice Pictures... Well Done.. Like it

Anonymous said...

Fantastic..! what an imagination...:) hats off to ur work.

Harsh said...

Handsome Gentleman... Beautiful and graceful lady...
So what state of mind are you in man ;-) ?

Nice images for sure


Santosh said...

its like the hindi movie hero and the heroine amidst the trees :)

Shetty said...

bombe aata vayya, bramhandave aa devanaaduva bombe aata vayya...

Pramod Viswanath said...

All I can say is beautiful creations Ashwin!

Chetana Hegde said...

Wow!! What a look Ash!
Fantastic photographs and an imagination.. Balck and white photography suits well to the mood that you have described...

Totally newand very refreshing :)


Chetana Hegde said...

Revisiting all your photos and blogs ..

The reason is this:
The black backdrop just makes it more beautiful and takes you to a different world..
However I didn't like the main photo (title guard photo with u in the pic)
The transition looks dramatic..
It doesnt look perfect.. Something is missing there..