Saturday, December 26, 2009

E v E n I n G...

  The evenings during the winter in Kaziranga are normally small. Sun will set by around 4:40 and by 5:00PM it will be almost pitch dark!

So during all evening safaris we had only couple of hours and we had to be quick in making images if we want to utilize the amazing golden light well.

We went on Western Range on our first evening in Kazi. I had heard that Western Zone is the most beautiful and picturesque of all the zones! In the beginning it impressed me a bit but not to the full extent until the evening drama started...

 We first headed to a watch tower beside a huge lake on the Western range. There were great white and spot billed pelicans floating far away. Almost impossible to get any images. We almost immediately headed back as we had less time. On our way back Konwar spotted a Rhino grazing very close to the road. It was very quite and hence we all had almost missed it. It was Konwar's remarkable skill of spotting which made him to stop and warn us to remain silent.

  He was very right! After we went silent it started coming closer and closer. Before we were too close to its comfort Konwar started the Gypsy and we were on the move...

  When we hit the main track again there was another vehicle whose guide waved at us to come fast! By seeing his enthusiasm we thought there might be a Tiger itself! It was another Rhino but what made the scene special was the tall green grass behind and the moon in the sky! The light was very pleasing and the mood was compelling.

  We spent around 20min with that guy and I made some close perspectives. This time it was the closest that we got with a Rhino.

The light was getting golden as the sun was getting ready to call it a day. The grass and the trees around had started to glow in the evening light! The reddish yellow glow when falling on the green grass was creating a mesmerizing scenery around! After Bharatpur I had rarely seen such dramatic evening light!

We decided to spend the remaining time of the Sunset on the banks of a lake from where the scenery and the angle was nice to capture the drama.

We all enjoyed thoroughly the mood and the evening colors before Konwar reminded gently that it was time to leave! Ah! The day had ended such wonderfully!

What else could we had asked for in the first day! It was an amazing day!

As we headed towards the gate there was a Tusker in the late evening grazing near the safari track!

The day was over for us inside the National Park!

But back at resort there was a traditional Assamee dance organized. A local group of men and women were performing a beautiful dance around the campfire.

There were many people from other countries as well who were enjoying the dance. I was overwhelmed by the gracefulness of the performers!

  We were all tired! As I closed my eyes the whole day came on the screen of my mind as a collage with various moments that had happened that day...the first sighting of the rhino.... then the charge and the stalemate... then the turtles... then the evening drama and the wonderful the end the wonderful dance performance.... at each and every moment I had enjoyed to the fullest! As my thoughts were about to continue, I heard something....It was the morning alarm!



Sriharsha said...

OMG the evening Pair!!!!!! Damn I have never seen a more romantic shot! Its simply too good to comment on! The colors and the placid lake and the quiet pair gazing into the light is too good to be true.

This is what some call Living Landscapes

Ashwini Kumar Bhat said...

Thanks Harsha! :)

Prashant Adkoli said...

They are really fantastic. Love a bigger version of these images :)
Just amazing photos. I watched over and again wit more transfixion.

binnyjeshan said...

Exceptionally awesome.. Dont stop here.. Do more reading and also exercise on improving to 120%. :P