Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back from the wonderlands of North East!

I am back after a week long trip to some of the wonderlands of North East India. We covered Kaziranga, Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary and Nameri National Park from 28th Nov till 6th Dec.

The mood of Kazi was fantastic. Misty mornings and the lush green grassland with tall elephant grass everywhere. Everything seemed very picturesque. Every evenings were very colorful.

Gibbon WLS gave us a good feel of the typical NE forest which once dominated most of the land before it was exploited heavily  for logging and tea plantations. Good that at least 27sq km of area is left for the Hoolock Gibbons to roam around in the thick canopy.

Nameri is considered as the most picturisqe National Park among all the National Parks of NE. Jia Bhoroli river flows on the edge of the park provides a fantastic opportunity to witness some of the rare birds of NE India.

Lots to talk about and loads of images to share!

Stay tuned...


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Sriharsha said...

Loved the first Rhino scape man!Brilliant