Sunday, July 12, 2009

A pretty common friend - Pond Heron

At last, here I am....back on my blog with least!

All these days I was very busy at the office and all I could do was just looking at various images from various photographers and enjoying online...Thanks to my office work which was allowing me to go home only by night 10 and morning at 8 I was there back at my seat!

At last I am back here with images of some common birds and my thoughts on how does the images of common birds also look soothing and pleasant depending on the weather condition and composition.

It was a usual Saturday morning in June and it was a bit of cloudy. In our regular backyard - TG Halli there was not much activity apart from few Larks and bushchats. The immense activity of the Whiskered Tern was absent and so were the birds. A few pond herons and Egrets were occupying the place where we had witnessed some wonderful action a couple of weeks back. Everything was calm and quite.

Only majority that day was that of Pond Herons. Not much though but probably because of the absence of the other birds pond herons were getting a chance to showcase themselves! :)

Some were quite bold as they allowed us to go a bit closer than they regularly do and some were even fishing freely!

As the morning was cloudy, which helps in a way to reduce the extra contrast that a sunny condition will result in, I decided to concentrate on a pond heron which was sitting on a mud boulder with some nice patches of green grass.

Initially there was very less wind and hence almost no waves on the water. The surface was calm and smooth.

Then a small breeze created a thin layer of waves on the surface...The absence of direct sunlight made everything look soft and saturated.

Keeping the grass in the foreground as out of focused, I captured some images of the bird which has a smooth green wash over the whole image. I liked the feel of the green wash over the image.

By that time it was about 45 min since I was with that guy and I decided to take the advantage of that and made a slow move ahead...he called it 'enough' and decided to explore a different place!

Contended with the set of images as I got up from the ground I saw that the distant Savanadurga was wearing a cloudy cap! Again on ground I crawled in a different direction to keep the Egret in the frame while capturing the scene.



Rasheed Pattavayal said...

good images and nice write up ashwini ji..i am regular visitor of ur blog..
Keep "snapping".
Rasheed Pattavayal

Ashwini Kumar Bhat said...

Thanks Risheedji...Glad to know that you are a regular visitor for my blog...hope I will find some time to update this space a bit more frequently...


Shivakumar said...

Lovely images Ash - especially the second and last one. Common yet so different. Love the colors on each of them.

Anonymous said...

Some images just get in-scripted on your mind for a long time. As so many people say the photo needs to have a unique and special identity for that to happen. I think the last pic has it.

before I forget..
Bravo.. :)


office said...

I liked these images a lot. Give me some appointment to see them full size!!