Friday, June 12, 2009

On a cloudy day....

The morning was cloudy and so was my mood! Was not in full josh to shoot as I had to return home early to welcome one of my friends who was visiting Bangalore. The previous evening it had rained a bit and was full cloudy. I had closed my eyes on the bed hoping for the sky to clear up but may be GOD had already slept that time and my wish went unheard.

Morning, the road was still wet and there were multi layered clouds with no hope of clearing anytime. I was waiting for my new friend with whom I was heading in search of Red Munias again.

From the past couple of reports I knew that the Munias leave their places very early and by the time the light improves it will be just a history of the previous day that the Munias had come there! I was not wrong! the situation was same there!

After searching for some time got a chance to see a small kingfisher which was sitting on a thin perch. As my friend approached it and clicked few shots, it changed its mood and flew to somewhere else. As I was not keep on portraits, I dint bother to go behind that but stood near to that place observing some other birds. For my luck, it came back but this time on an interesting perch! As the sky was cloudy and the light was low but even, provided a nice opportunity to make some simple compositions.

I was left with only half an hour more and then I found a small colony (or a layout?!) of Baya Weavers which was under construction!

The bird was visiting once in every 10-12 min and was there only for few seconds.

The light was dull and it was windy as well. I tried overexposing the frames to get a high key background and tried different compositions.

Not having anything else in the frame and only whites all over, suited to my taste and in the next 15 mins I made some frame before I was reminded to return early.

Satisfied with few decent images for the day and as I started my car and headed back home I saw two Red Munias biding me adieu! :)



deponti said...

Been enjoying your posts, AB! Loved the munias, and now these shots of the Bayas are just wonderful. Yes, even if the day is cloudy one CAN get decent shots! :)

Ashwini Kumar Bhat said...

Thanks Deponti.... I am glad that you are enjoying my posts! :)