Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some attempts for something different!

Past couple of weeks I spent trying something different! Went to Ramanagaram twice but not for vultures! They were flying happily above my head as usual but I was not with my tele lens there. My eyes were searching some patterns or some unique angles or some experimentations or some adventure! I tried to produce something different!

In the below image I was waiting for Indian Robin at the place of Agama. I spent a good 45 min waiting for that bird to arrive with 50mm lens on my camera. All the time when I went slightly away from there the bird landed at that spot! Finally made this image thinking that something is better than ...... !

The below pair is the antennae of a dragonfly!! I swear I never knew dragonflies possess such beautiful antennae!

Then spent some time in my aunt's garden and tried some macros and abstracts.

Not totally successful! But I have the satisfaction of learning some skills and how to control the frustration! :) Creative photography is really challenging!

I am enjoying it!

The game is on!


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