Friday, June 27, 2008

Angle matters!

My previous attempt was to show how the same subject looks different and gives different feel if we look at that from different angles. The one thing that we sometimes forget as photographers is to spend some time around the subject and looking at that from different angles. I have missed many such opportunities where I realised after I saw the image on the computer screen. 'Oh! I should have tried that angle!' ...'Ah! That other angle IF I had tried might have given better impact!'... Such expression I have got many times when I saw some of my images once I come back to home!
So last weekend I tried to capture an interesting subject in all possible angles that I felt interesting! I spent almost an hour around this shell, trying to capture it in different angles. Below are some of those results.

I particularly liked the distractions around. But the twig on the upper right corner is a bit disturbing.... but still a keepable image!

Now, next I tried a very slightly different angle where I got rid of those twigs and went for a clean shot. Below is the result:

And then went around this guy [The guy was still inside! Having his weekend sleep...happily!]
and the other part of his shell was having a very interesting pattern on it.

As this was bit flat, I decided to shift my tripod slightly to my right to get some high light in the frame. My idea was to keep this subject in the high light area and having the slight dark area in the right space of the frame in order to balance it. This view of mine resulted in the below image:

Then I thought of using 50mm lens and get some view of the scape around. Smaller focal lengths sometime yield some different perspectives. Below is the result of that experiment:

By this time [still if you are reading!! :)] you will come to know how different angles give different perspectives. Some angles may look good to some people. Ofcourse the taste and the liking differs. But we need to explore different possibilities to get the image which really satisfies our inner vision.

At the end of the day its the satisfaction that we get from the image is what matters!



Shivakumar said...

Really liked your experiment with the idea of getting something different. Infact all of the prespectives given here are unique and nice. Wish to see more of such results from you. Keep trying.

Pramod Viswanath said...

Good ones guru. Liked the last 3 images a lot.

Laubaine said...

nice picture

office said...

Nice experiments. It really helps us in the field.