Sunday, April 27, 2008

Returning home...!

Its time to return! After staying for almost 7 months here, after experiencing one of the worst winters in the history of Ottawa and after witnessing the sprout of green all around, its time for me to say good bye to Ottawa! 

The time I spent here was memorable both on official and personal front. Lot of learnings in both. Made some very good friends and enjoyed the stay as well. 
 Going back home with some good memories to cherish. 

The spring is in the air here. Today it rained quite heavily! The woods are turning green faster. Soon it will be lush green everywhere...... and I am going to the land where the deciduous forests have shed their leaves and have got ready for a hot summer!! Quite an interesting contrast for me! I am eagerly looking forward for it!

Hoping for a safe journey.... 

Bye Ottawa,


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Anonymous said...

Personal life !!!

madve ebadru aadyano hadbe ?