Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life is emerging....slowly!!

As I have told in my last post, the spring is slowly replacing the winter and the snow is melting very rapidly. As the dead cold of the winter is now being replaced by some fresh warm air, the life here has started slowly emerging. I am seeing activities everywhere! 

  When I had been to Andrew Hayden Park on Sunday evening, though it was pretty cold for a spring evening (around 2deg) but it was full of life! 

   The nuthatches have started hunting the insects and the woodpeckers have started searching the suitable place for their nests! I saw two species of woodpeckers that evening and was very much delighted. Because of some lack of luck I just missed an image of the most colorful bird that I have seen here:Northern Cardinal. As I was cursing my luck, I saw an opportunity to photograph the ever active nuthatch which was posing very beautifully by clinging upside down on a tree trunk and curiously looking for some feed. Then it was joined by another one and then another one and then..... another one!! Within minutes there were 4 of them! I never knew that they are found in groups as well!! 

  When I was busy photographing them a cute little fella flew just above my head and sat very near to me!! I think he didnt realize that I was a human as I was amidst the shrubs and was motionless for sometime! He sat very near to me and bestowed with his images of some cute poses. When all the nuthatches finished their search and slowly went into deeper shrubs where I could not enter with my equipments it was time for woodpeckers! I was utterly surprised! Even though did not get really a good quality image of it as it was totally against the sun but enjoyed their sighting and observation a lot. 
 As the activities in that place slowly slowed down I went on exploring some other parts of the park. Found a bird similar to our Iora in color (bright yellow) from a distance. The beaver was very busy picking something out from ground for its dinner! As it saw me initially it hesitated to continue then when it knew that I was not there for him then he continued his digging and then after some time he just stepped into the water and happily swam to the other shore!
 The wind started slowly getting speed and the chill in the air slowly started troubling me. Before my hands and toes started feeling numb I decided that it was my time to leave. Even though the sun hasn't set for the day  was forced to leave as it was cloudy and windy! 

All n all a nice Sunday for me with some good images and wonderful sightings. 

The life here has started again!



Pramod Viswanath said...

Nice images Ashwin. Spring is always delightful!

Arun said...

It is very good Aswin.
Mist drop on the spider web is very good. I like it.