Monday, February 18, 2008

A few steps in a new way!!

Hmm, as I have told you in my last post, the weather here is too bad to go out. So I am having difficulty in spending some quality time with my camera! Today's winter storm was the fourth in the season!

So as I have already told you John Shaw's books are giving excellent company to me in this hostile weather. Today when I came back from a Coffee shop with a tea box (tea box from a coffee shop??!!) it was drizzling with freezing rain! Those drops made me and the box a bit wet! But along with the wetness they brought a good opportunity for me!!

As I got my extension tubes a few weeks back I was eager to put them into use as I didn't had opportunity to experiment with them. Macro/Closeup photography is a different world altogether. It needs different mind set, different level of patience and different thought process!

Macro photography, I believe is more than just mere close up and capturing the life size image of a small object. Composition is a big challenge in macro! You will have very very little space to play with and a fraction of an inch of your disposition is more than enough to spoil an image!
As I told the biggest challenge in macros is the composition. The time it takes to make a meaningful or pleasant composition really tests your patience! Many times you may get frustrated. But after over coming this frustration, when you become successful in making atleast one good image, the smile on your face and the joy in your heart is something that should be experienced to believe!

Macro Photography is a different ball game altogether. The science and the arts behind this form of photography has a different flavor in both of its 'science' and 'arts' !

I found THIS LINK on PN a very useful article on macro photography. If you are also interested in this form of art, then I would recommend you to go through this article. Some of you may find it too much fundamental but I am sure some of you will come back to me to say thanks! :)

I am trying to learn this game!

Life is all about learning!


I will let your imagination to flow to fig out about the images....

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Pramod Viswanath said...

Beautiful abstracts Ashwini! I can understand what frustration of not shoot for long can lead to. That's -ve frustration and you have done exceeding well here in getting into positive frustration by doing macros...keep it going :)