Friday, November 24, 2006

KP is calling...

Finally the time has come to fulfil a long awaited dream, to conquer KP! It is regarded as one of the most challenging trek routes of southern India. We had planned for this mission way back in May itself when we returned from nearly impossible voyage through the woods of Bandaje, conquering the Ballalarayana Durga. Since I was preparing for the CAT 06 our team was silent.
Now as the waiting is over, all are very much ready to take the challenge. We have been preparing for this trek from past one week and almost everything is ready at its best. Hoping for a memorable time amidst the beauty of the Mother Nature!

As the region from where we are starting is full of thick forest we have to be mentally prepared for some brutal routes. We have done a lot of ground work to get the detailed info about the site and the route. Naga has enquired with a DFO who is his uncle regarding the permission and other things and I have called Bhatta over there to get the current details of the weather condition and regardning the permission and all those official things. Special thanks to Chethan who has given a lot of info of that region and given us some photographs which will be really very helpful to have a clear cut idea of the place. Thanks alot Chethan!

Everyone is really in great enthu and this will be one helluva experience for all of us as it will test our endurance to the core.Our team building capacity, decision making ability, our perseverence to achieve the goal, our stamina, our mental strength, our patience everything will be put under the hammer to test them! I have to see how our boys come out of it, though I am very much optimistic! :-)

When such a task is infront of you, a storm in the way will attract your attention less and will not dilute your concentration. ..........It should not!

Wish our team Good Luck!


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