Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dont know why...!!

There is so much to learn! And I don't know why people become so dull and dumb as they grow up! They tend to think only about their career, their family, their job, their money,their property blah blah blah. Why do they become so blind about the other fact that the life is to learn, to learn as many things as possible or as many things as you can! I don't know, I feel very pathetic about the people who say "m bored of this monotonous life". Who the hell has asked you to make it monotonous ? Its you who has to get up and develop interest. Nature doesn't come to your drawing room where you sit lazily all day long, and show its beauty in front of you. The falls in the deep jungle doesn't come to your garden and showers its splendor there. The beautiful birds in the nature don't come to your table and chirp around. The star in the night sky doesn't tell the story of its life cycle of how they evolved and became a sparkle in the black night sky. The beautiful photographs that you see just don't tell the mammoth effort by the photographer who has spent countless days and nights to learn how to capture such a fantastic moment in such a beautiful way. They all don't tell anything. Its you who has to feel it. You will know the pain and patience required to click such a fantastic photograph only when you start learning it. You will know the skyline efforts of the scientists who spent their entire life just to get an equation that describes a part of the life cycle of a star. You will know the amount of patience and observation required to build the skill of identifying the birds around you correctly only when you start inclining towards it. You will start appreciating the beauty of the mother nature only when you start taking interest in it. "Interest" is what you need to start learning. When interest deepens it transforms into passion. And when the passion drives you, you yourself will witness a different person coming out of you! This is the passion that drives the human race to its progress. It was the passion of Graham Bell that resulted in inventing the telephone. It was the passion of Columbus that resulted in finding a distant land. It was the sheer passion to know about the relation between the time and space is what made Einstein to discover his legendary Theory of Relativity. Its the silent passion of Dr.Salim Ali to know about the winged wonders, the birds, that took his entire life to do a Herculean task of studying the birds of Indian subcontinent. If we look into the history we can clearly see that it is because of the "passion about something" is what made our lives like this.
All of us know all these things but somehow feel that these are all not our piece of cake! Why not? I ask! If you start developing interest in anything and if that interest turns into passion then its not at all impossible task to excel in that area. And more importantly in the process you will never say that my life is monotonous! Do you?
I bet you don't. Think about it!

There is so much to learn! I am in the process...