Monday, July 18, 2011

Moist ~ Green ~ Lively - Season's first Trip to Western Ghats

Cloudy weather  ~  Expecting clouds to pour down anytime  ~  gathering dark clouds  ~

Peeking sunbeams through the dark clouds, confusing if it would rain or clear off  ~  drizzling  ~  distant thunders  ~  water sprinkles  ~

sound of raindrops hitting the car bonnet  ~  bubbles on the still water on the road  ~  ripples on the calm waters  ~

looking up towards the sky  ~  street full of dark umbrellas  ~  people rarely looking straight  ~  bent heads  ~  wet roads  ~  filled pot holes, defying their depths  ~

rich greens  ~  moss on the rocks and logs  ~  wonderful ferns  ~  colorful mushrooms  ~  splendid wild flowers  ~  wet forest floor  ~  stretching and crawling leeches  ~  wet dead leaves  ~


muddy red waters  ~  full flowing rivers  ~  re-incarnated waterfalls  ~  silently flowing forest streams  ~  skiddy and slippery river banks  ~  submerged dead trees  ~

cloudy forests  ~  lively valleys  ~  misty canopies  ~  singing streams  ~  bathing rocks  ~  smiling plants  ~

This is what Monsoon in the Western Ghats is all about.

Isn't it? :)

All images are from my recent trip to Western Ghats between 8th and 10th July 2011.

Planning again in Aug. 

More details here:



Pramod Viswanath said...

Fabulous images Ashwin. Loved the beetle image a lot!

Santosh said...

Lovely post Ashwini, I personally feel a bigger thumbnail would have weaved more magic here...
and to add to your list - drizzles - showers - cuppa of tea - hot bajji ;)
its bliss!

Ashwini Kumar Bhat said...

Thanks PV and Santosh.

@ Santosh - Click on individual image and they will open up in bigger dimension. I dont know if Blogspot gives an option to ahve bigger sized thumbnail than this.

Santosh said...

Yeah... but that's a tedious process right :)
I think this layout has restrictions on the image size. The layout in my blog fits bigger images!

Adithya Biloor said...

Beautiful images Kandarpa. Liked the small bug image. Especially liked the softness through out the image

Chetana Hegde said...

Hi Ash BIL,
Great job again, as usual!
They are like 'holiges/kadubus' to the eyes! Simply delightful!

Well, we always fall short of words to describe monsoon (in Western Ghats), don't we?

Nevertheless, you have summarised the beautiful part of it very well :)

Elli nodidru banna, shades of colours everywhere... We always stand small before the Nature!

Have you forgotten the essential
spirit of monsoon, or just that you could not do it? Can you add audios here as well? Wouldn't it give the actual 'FEEL' of typical monsoon back home!?
The 'jheen'/'jhuin'/'chrrr' sounds of little insects/flies is the essential voice of monsoon, isn't it?

Anusha Subramanian said...

picturesque- the photos, the captions and the entire post itself!