Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why visit the same place again?

This is the question that many of my non-photography friends (and my father also!! :))ask me and few of my photography friends have it in their mind (but don't ask openly! :)).

What is it that makes one to go to the same place again and again. Instead why not to different places each time? What is the reason behind my several repeated visits to some places like Kodachadri, Sathoddi falls or other places in the Western Ghats in the past two years. Why dint I chose different places each time?

I have tried to answer these questions in my blog on Landscape Wizards.

CLICK HERE to read what makes me go to such places again and again...... and again!



Adithya Biloor said...

Lovely write up and amazing set of images.

Chetana Hegde said...

I absolutely love landscape photography! And again here are few VISUAL DELIGHTS!

I would have also no boredom in visiting the same place again and again all over! The feel of visiting such (a lone) place everytime is kinda spooky, makes you feel weak in the knee. Yet amazing!

Haven't I explored your blogs well? I am looking on for more photos of Nature, which make you feel 2 emotions at the same time: One is fear before the nature and the other is exclamation! Rudra ramaneeya heli heltvali, anthaaddu.. Like the one where you (?) are sitting on the top??