Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nature Tales dot Net!

"There is no shortage of "beautiful" images of nature today. How many of them portray the hidden stories of nature ? Nature photographers can make much better images if they know hidden stories of nature. Often this is not the case. On the other hand field biologists and naturalists have this immense knowledge of nature. Nature Stories (NTN in short for is a unique platform for bringing together both nature photographers and field biologists to share vivid and fascinating stories of mother nature."
- Text from the Home page of NTN

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Our CNP team is proud to introduce another unique non-commercial forum which is dedicated for the images which tell stories. It is going to be a platform for various other aspects also which includes Photo Essays, Ask the Experts, Wild Encounters etc.

Check out and enjoy the Nature Tales!



molarbear's posts said...

Thanks for the link! -Deepa.

Anonymous said...

hey ash !! Nice photos.. the portrait has come out pretty well..

- Binny J