Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Compositions in Landscape Photography

Monsoon is on and we are seeing green all around. The streams in the mountains are flowing in full flow and the wild flowers are blooming in their intense colors.

This is the time to head towards some of those regions which are at their best in these times. No easy task though but worth all the efforts.

Now, when you are heading towards some of those places to make some wonderful landscape images you probably will need some pointers to make your compositions effective.

To help you with this we, at Landscape Wizards have come up with a guideline on compositions in Landscape Photography. Thanks to Shivakumar L who has prepared this wonderful illustration booklet which will help you in understanding the compositional aspects better.It has only images and they speak for themselves.

To download this booklet CLICK HERE and don't worry, its for FREE. :)


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