Friday, February 12, 2010

Pleasant Surprise - Sanctuary Asia Awards 2009 Special Mention!

Yesterday evening was quite busy for me. We had an entertainment evening at office and at 8:30PM I had a client call to attend. 9.00PM was my last bus from my office. By the time I kept the telephone receiver down it was just 9:00!! I rushed and ran hard only to see my bus crossing the gate... :(

Then I came by a different route and my friend dropped me home. It was 10:15PM and I was feeling quite tired. When I reached the door to bell, I saw a courier at the door. When I flipped it to see from where it had come, to my surprise it was from Sanctuary Asia!

One of my images, "Snake in the spider web" had won a special mention prize in last year's contest! I have no idea why they have intimated me this much late where as the other prizes were announced in Dec 09 itself!! And that's why it was a total surprise for me!

Anyways, here is the image -

And the blog related to that is here -

You can view all the other winning  images HERE.



Gowri said...

Wonderful news, Ashwin! Congatulations! Better late than never! :)

And the image is simply brilliant!

Karthik H.K said...

Congratulations! The photo is too good. :)

Ashwini Kumar Bhat said...

Thanks friends... :)

Rasheed Pattavayal said...

Congratulations..Ashiwin,i am a fan of ur images. If u have any spare time pls visit My blog and give me ur suggestions and comments.
Rasheed Pattavayal

Ashwini Kumar Bhat said...

Thanks Rasheed.... will surely visit your blog... glad to know that you like my images....

Prashant Adkoli said...

Congratulations Ashwini. Two a year is a wonderful start. Don't make a habit of missing bus :)

ಯಜ್ಞೇಶ್ (yajnesh) said...

Congrats Ashwini

Shweta Zala said...


Manu said...

Congratulations Ashwini.
Good to see and know.


Aneesh Hegde said...

Congratulations :)
I also liked the story behind the picture...very interesting and unnerving :).