Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the preparations again....

   I have been busy with various activities and didn't get time to update my space. Most of the last week was spend with doctors and tablets (!!) and towards the end and during deepavali, I was in fever because of 2 things - Nikon's launch of D3s and the man who tested it - Vincent Munier! I was just recovering from my fever and his image set, made from the new legend D3s just made me to go back to bed and take rest!

HERE is the link to his images and a small video made using that. Now, dont hold me responsible if you also end up on bed, taking some paracetamol tablets!
Munier's site - also has a dedicated gallery for of  assignment.

Apart from all this, my exams are nearing.....again!! So I will be going back into my den to prepare myself for the battle! :)

See you after the exams with some image set from Yana and a separate blog post on Blue Channel processing for portraits.


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