Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paradise Lost...but...partly regained!

It feels terrible when you find that all your hardwork went into vein, that too without a single mistake of yours...I underwent the same trauma couple of days back and now feeling better...

It is that time of the year when I head towards the Western Ghats to capture the monsoon mood of the Western Ghats. I am big fan of the wetness that you get to feel in the Western Ghats during the monsoon.

Three days - Unchalli Falls, Muregar Falls, Satoddi Falls, Magod Falls, Jenukal Gudda, Yana and Gudvi.... poised itinerary and an equally poised weather and three firmly determined guys with a back pack and a tripod in hand with leech socks and a cap, telling don't care for the rain and looking out for something unique and different

Three days of literally exhausting photography and enjoyed every moment of it. Be it waiting for 4 hours for the fog to clear at Uncahalli (which never did) or getting wet in rain in Yana we all enjoyed each and every moment... Monsoon is THE time to experience the Western Ghats...

It was an action packed trip with my dear friends Shiv and Pramod. Thanks friends for making this trip so wonderful!

With so many happy moments in mind I just connected my Photobank (where I copy my images during my trip) to my Mac refused to get detected! Ah! What a terrible luck! Tried every possible way. Cursed Mac and tried on Windows and found that Mac was innocent! Windows too refused to detect it! After many trials at last I had to conclude that my photobank had started its eternal journey towards the Heaven! That was not my biggest concern! I knew that he would find a place in Heaven for sure but never thought that he would go there with my 8GB worth of RAW images from this trip!

For that moment I had lost my images! Gone! I had used that card again at Gudvi so there are all chances that even if I run the recovery software I will not get back all my images. May be only a part of it I may get back. Thinking this I ran the recovery software given by SanDisk and it proved that my guess was absolutely right!

I got around 60% of my images back - Good news! And the bad news is that I had plans to make a pano stitch of the wonderful Jenukal but lost all of those images. But really happy that I have some images which I needed badly. Some from Magod and few from Jenukal and Sathoddi... Atlast.....missed by whisker!

Uff!! That was a very close shave!

I had lost the Paradise, but now regained partly!


P.S. : I have my mid sem exams on Aug 29th and 30th. So I am not spending much time processing my images. Will process and upload rest of the images after my exams. Hope you people will stay tuned...Thanks much!


Aneesh Hegde said...

Very nice pictures...oft it is tough to describe the beauty,composition nature offers in minuscule details, albeit for the sake of appreciation!

Am waiting for more from the Paradise lost...or rather...more aptly...."Paradise Regained"...or even.."Paradise Recovered"?

Pramod Viswanath said...

Beautiful images. Yes it hurts many times but we are very dependent on technology. Reliability is one thing that is not yet fool proof with what ever "technology" we have! At times, I feel we have become 'slaves' for technology rather than its master creators!

Anyways, I am glad you recovered most of the images! Pano - I guess you can always go back and make the images again, so not to worry :)

Good luck for your exams!


Santhosh Gujar said...

I second that,
what ever "technology" we have! At times, I feel we have become 'slaves' for technology rather than its master creators!
Good u did get some of it back.
Will wait till thay r loaded.
All the best.

atri said...

I am seeing "Magod falls" from ages! but nobody captured it as u marvelously did in that last image. cheers!!!

Us akele patte ko dekho....apanonse ruthake....ped se tutake padaa hai... samhaalo use...kahi bereham havaa use udaa na le jaaye.......!