Sunday, February 1, 2009

I promise to come back! :-)

From past 1 moth I have been very busy, to the extent not finding sufficient time to update my blog as well! :-(
Thanks to my photo exhibition in my college in Yellapur (a town in the Western Ghats, near Sirsi and Karwar) which kept my schedule hectic till the mid of Jan and then a long pending trek to Kumara Parvatha was the culprit in keeping me busy! When I came back from there and breathing happily, GOD made me realized that I had enrolled for MS course from BITS Pilani and need to check when is the mid-Sem Tests of that!! :-O
Hell fell onto my head when I saw their site declaring that the Tests will be held on Feb 7th and 8th and the very next moment I rushed to find the books! :-( I always thought not to repeat the same old Engg days, but this time unknowingly I was into the same soup again!
So here I am....submerged into the books...studying age old theories which are making some sense now! ;) [they never did in the least some, to me!].
So by evening of next week I will be free again for few weeks, and I will continue my remaining days of Bharatpur Series.

I promise!



Pramod Viswanath said...

I promise to EAGERLY wait. Good luck for your mid-terms!

Ashwini Kumar Bhat said...

Thanks Pramod!! :-) I wish your wish could help me in bringing me back to ground! Right now, I am getting drowned by the heavy theories and loads of concepts and it is becoming extremely difficult to finish off the portions for the test! :'(