Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wide angle and Ranganatittu!

You may laugh but it was true, I had not visited Ranganatittu even once till all these years! Even though it is regarded as one of the very good places to shoot birds [ofcourse with camera!! :)] I somehow didn't make it there. I had seen plenty of images on various forums which were made in Ranganatittu. Even though it is a heronary what makes it special is the angle of light that you will get on mornings and evenings.

That was one such day, on our [Pramod, Ganesh and myself] way to INW meet at Mysore, we decided to visit Ranganatittu for sometime. The light was beautiful and the surroundings were looking great. After some failures to create some different images using my tele lens, I decided to go for wide angle view to capture the elegant morning. The cirrus clouds in the blue sky was adding to the drama. I started enjoying the wide angle perspectives and the blues and the cloud patterns were making me dumbfounded.

Even though we spent only 35-40 min on boat and covered a very little area, all of us enjoyed a lot and all of us have some unique images of Ranganatittu, which I personally have not seen anywhere earlier.

Views may differ! :-)