Friday, August 22, 2008

A morning on the hill....

Last time when I had been to Nandi Hills (couple of years back I guess!) the garden around the bungalow had attracted me a lot. It was so fresh. I dint had camera then. So whenever I wanted to make some macros or close up photography of flower I always remembered that place. Because of some or the other reasons I could not visit that place for a long time.
Last weekend I was fortunate enough to freeze my plan and sticking to it! :) It was a fantastic day out there. I was sorry for my friend Prashant who drove all the way long to the hill top just to realise that he had kept the only memory card of his camera back at home!
The morning was misty and the sun slowly started peeping behind the clouds as the time went by. Got some good opportunities to make some images which I always wanted to make.

The morning mist had saturated the colors very well and everything was looking so fresh and colorful. I tried out some images of some patterns. Below are couple of them. Even though both look slightly similar, for me they both convey slightly different feel. The first one is more intense in the dark colors and because of that the greens on the edges very prominently stand out, imparting an intense mood through the image. Whereas the second one has more elements and because of its relatively lesser darker region, the mood is somewhat pleasant. just my feel.... taste buds differ! :)

As the Sun started peeping out got some unique lighting opportunity. The flowers were looking so fantastic when the mist was cleared.

After some more experimentations I called it a day. After a long time I had a real fantastic morning!

Hope to spend some more mornings there...



Pramod Viswanath said...

Very well made images. Reminds of of JS!

Ashwini Kumar Bhat said...

Thanks Pramod! Thats a great compliment, my images reminding John Shaw's works! He is a legend and I am just a toddler!

office said...

beautifullll images.. I liked the last two images.