Friday, March 21, 2008

Out in the woods!!

After a very long time had a very nice and satisfying weekend! I with some of my friends here had been to Algonquin Provincial Park . An amazing place to be. Spanned across 7500 plus Sq.Kms full of lakes and forest with a good count of around 30plus species of mammals and a fantastic place for birding in Summer and fall. Although the time that we went is not one of the ideal but still spending the night in the amidst of the pine forest is something different for me! Enjoyed!
Even though we dint had luck with any mammal sightings, I spent some good time in the field experimenting some simple compositions!
I always believed that the empty space in an image, if used intelligently, has a positive effect on the composition. In some images it gives a good amount of depth to the composition. I call the depth in the case of composition is the amount or depth of thought that it generates in the viewer when they see the image. As we know that the thumb rule of composition or the rule of thirds etc are all towards achieving such depth in the composition.
So this time I tried to play around with this aspect and tried to create some very simple composition which may seem very basic or sometimes may be empty as well.

For example, in the above image the space on the right was a deliberate choice. Some people may argue that the vertical composition may suite better but for me it looks that may restrict the mood, giving less space around which may leave the viewer having less space to think.

The above image was a deliberate overexposed image where I tried to create a gloomy feel.

Here is another attempt to capture the mood of 'Solitude' or 'Lonely'. The challenge for me was to get the right exposure as the light in that part was playing alot. Its always challenging to get the right exposure when you want the details of the snow unless you are using a handheld lightmeter with you.

I was searching for the right opportunity to capture the feel of the snowfall during the entire winter! But that day found a good opportunity as this home caught me attention. The maroon colored wall was giving a nice feel to the frame. Dont know how much I am successful in capturing the feel here but I am quite a bit satisfied. There will always be scope for improvement :).

A deliberate attempt here to make an experiment with positioning of the subject of interest! I was mainly attracted by the color gradations on the fallen log. This part was in the complete shade. My attempt was to keep the hole created by the knot in the wood, in the center of the frame and trying to balance the whole image still after keeping the hole at the center.
You only have to tell me whether I am successful or not.
Note: On an uncalibrated or dull monitor all the fine colors on the tree bark may not be visible fully.

I had a luck with a big bird, which was similar to the peafowls that we find in India. On our way I found two of them on a bundled grass. By the time we stopped the car and I rushed to the place with the age old 200mm Manual Focus lens on my camera, the bird hid behind the grass bundle. I waited in the knee deep snow for about 10-15 min. I was able to see the tail of the bird. I went very curious and focussed my lens (as it will not Auto Focus) and made sure that I set the right exposure as the lens will not meter also!! I had a tough time! By the time I set the right exposure, the bird slowly started moving and then... It just flew!! That too in the opposite direction! :( Finally with all those attempts and preparations what I was left with was the flight shot of a head less bird!! :(

So all in all, had a wonderful time in the Algonquin and now I know where to go if I come again to Ottawa in Summer or Fall!!



Pramod Viswanath said...

Fantastic compositions Ashwini. Really thought provoking compositions! Happy to see you in the "Wild in Woods"!

Anonymous said...

Hey...simple but sweeeet compositions:-)

- Raagarati

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashwini, Nice Images.

Bird flight image is really good. I liked back of the bird and its wing position. Liked all the compositions

Though it may be only on my monitior, your second image looks like over exposed.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, I skipped reading lines regarding the exposure. TFS


ಹಷ೯ (Harsha) said...

Fantastic click... verymuch liked it..

-- Harsha Bhat