Sunday, October 3, 2021

Some Gold from the Old!

Since mid-2019 I have been spending time understanding some of the legendary lenses of the past era! By past, I mean from around 1950s. It is a fascinating journey in the world of the evolution of optics and from where we stand today if we take a look back, not many would know and appreciate this evolution to the fullest. 

I don't seem to remember how it all started for me. But what I certainly remember are those moments when I was just awestruck by some of the images I saw that were made from some of the legendary lenses of the past! 

It is widely talked about and almost a cliche that the old lenses have a 'character' that the modern, razor-sharp lenses lack! But I always wondered what is this 'character' that everyone talks or writes about! As I went deeper into the realm of the post-world-war German and Soviet lenses I could see what the other people are talking about! It was certainly something that I had not seen or experienced before! 

Since then I have started to collect some of those lenses from various parts of the world! How I collected them is a fascinating story in itself, which perhaps maybe for another day. I have collected is the right expression, at this moment since I have hardly used all of them extensively on the field. Beyond some test shots and some window/walking photography, I hardly went to any serious shoot in a while. So I think the time has come to put them to good use. I am planning to start a series of blogs where I try to write my experience with each of these lenses with some meaningful images to go along with. This way, I will be having self-inflicted pressure to use a particular lens for a few days or weeks to make some serious photography. 

Thanks to my wife Sahana for making some beautiful images of the lenses :-)!


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